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Miriam Ragan

About Miriam Ragan 

Miriam is a self-taught artist. She is inspired by famous artists such as Chow Leing Chow, Chow Leing Chan of Hong Kong, Edgar Whitney and Milford Zornes. She has taken the best of what she has learned and combined her love of the bayous and swamplands to create her paintings which her customers refer to as mysterious.

She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in the Vieux Carre (French Quarter). An intensive childhood interest in drawing was an early indication that Miriam might build a life in the field of fine arts. She then worked as an artist copywriter for the Times-Picayune, raised a family, then opened a gift shop in the Vieux Carre. After returning to the art community in the French Quarter, she gave her full attention to developing her artistic talents.

When she's not on Jackson Square painting, Miriam enjoys fishing in the back waters of the New Orleans bayous. The bayous have provided her with natural inspiration to create her world renowned artwork. You can view her artwork in the Gallery and even purchase your own in the Store section. You can also visit Miriam's Facebook and Etsy Store.